Period Panties. Word.


Many of you have probably heard rumors of period panties. Those of you that haven’t, read on and I’ll tell you what’s up.

Period panties are just that – panties for your period. How you wear them is up to you – alone (with no tampon) or as backup (with a tampon or cup).

Before you wrinkle your nose and say that sounds disgusting, hear me out.

New moms, after having a baby these would come in super handy. Most women have some spotting after delivery and these would be an amazingly comfortable alternative to a thick pad.

What if you have really heavy periods and wish there was a way to have extra protection when your tampons leaked, without a bulky pad? Period panties to the rescue!

Or how about this – you’re on a road trip or airplane and expect your period to arrive anytime. Instead of worrying about it, you put on a pair of period panties and if Aunt Flo decides to arrive while you’re in the middle of nowhere, no worries!

There are also those who are environmentally conscious, or maybe just concerned with what those tampons are actually made of. Period panties can be worn instead of tampons, cups, or pads; it just depends on how heavy your flow is, and only you know that.

I recently purchased a pair of Thinx. I just had to try them and see what all the hype was about. Thinx also has a great give-back program where every purchase made helps girls in the developing world. So that was a plus!

When they arrived in the mail, I was delighted to find they were extremely soft and high quality. They seemed to be really well made, better than any of the other undies in my drawer (sorry VS).

I was actually excited for my period to arrive so I could wear them. I decided to try them without any other protection to give them a true test. I wore them for half a day without any tampon and I didn’t feel wet, sticky, or have any odor. It was a menstruation miracle.

But that was only half of the test. I wanted to see how easily they washed (and if that would gross me out). I don’t have a utility sink at home, so I used the spray handle in my shower. I held the panties directly over the drain and rinsed them until the water ran clear. It wasn’t gross at all. Then I threw them into the washing machine with some other clothes and washed them on a cold cycle. Voila, they came out good as new.

Last month, I decided I needed to purchase more. I had just started my period and was going out that night. I wanted to wear my white jeans (but we all know only a fool would do that on her period). I only had one pair of Thinx black sport panties. I needed the beige thongs. I could have worn the thongs with the white pants and knew I was protected if my tampon leaked.

So I purchased two more pair (beige thong and black hip hugger) and am telling everyone about them. Well worth the money and totally worth the peace of mind.

Notice the beige thongs have a black liner. Yay! (I was kindof worried about that detail before I saw them).

Use this code for $10 off your first purchase!

Word to your mother.

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