“I don’t typically leave reviews, but I had to review Alyssa. Where to even start? Our son has some serious medical issues and we have had some major sleep issues as a result. By the time he was 10 months old I was just exhausted and I needed to figure out a solution. I knew I wasn’t comfortable letting him cry it out due to his condition, and I was hesitant to hire a sleep consultant because of the money and because I thought… well it will just be the same things I’ve read and it won’t work. I was WRONG! Alyssa was so thorough in helping us to figure out what we needed to change to help my son’s sleep. I cannot say enough good things about her, the plan she put together, and the support she provided. I only wish I had contacted her sooner! If you’re debating–don’t wait, just do it! My son is happier and healthier, and so am I.”
Aly P. – Belding, MI

“I really enjoyed working with Alyssa as our sleep consultant. She is very personable and non-judgemental. We were really struggling with our 5-month old having no routine whatsoever and waking literally every hour the first half of the night, and every two hours after that. Our whole family (including our 3-year old) was suffering from lack of sleep. I honestly was skeptical anything would help, but within 2 nights Ruby was sleeping longer stretches and taking long naps in her crib instead of cat naps in my arms. She also gets put down awake and puts herself to sleep without crying now! Having free time again at night (without listening to crying) and being able to accomplish stuff during the day again has been priceless. I would highly suggest working with Alyssa if your baby isn’t sleeping well.”
Kelsey – Grand Rapids, MI

“Let me start by saying stop waiting! Book Alyssa today! I can’t say enough about this process. Alyssa gave us the confidence and tools we needed to get our strong-willed, sleep disliking child sleeping soundly. Since our son was born he has always struggled to sleep well. For 19 months I was driving him around, or holding him to take a nap, and at night he was still taking a bottle to fall asleep, and waking multiple times throughout the night. We had developed more bad sleep habits than I’d ever dreamed. My only regret is not doing this sooner. Alyssa listened to all of our concerns and gave us just enough compassion and tough love to get us through this process. Alyssa was there for us every step of the way, and worked with us to stick to the plan, but also to tweak things to fit our families needs. I can’t thank Alyssa enough for giving me the confidence to help my son get the sleep he deserved. He is now taking naps in his crib, soothing himself to sleep, and well on his way to sleeping all night every night! Thank you Gold Coast Doulas!”
Allison – Norton Shores, MI

“We never sleep trained our now 3 year old son and I was a sleep zombie for over 2 years. With our second little guy, we knew there had to be a better way. Plus as a full time working mom, my anxiety was escalating during the night with the 3-5 wake-ups. I could not do it anymore. With a few very minor changes to our son’s sleep schedule and our routine, we have a 9 month old who is sleeping all the way through the night. Alyssa was so very gentle and accommodating to our desire to continue breastfeeding at night and to not let our little guy cry for long periods of time. Our son is so much happier during the day now that he is actually resting at night. This service saved my life. Thank you Alyssa and the Gold Coast team!”
Lynne – Hudsonville, MI

“Gentle sleep training with Alyssa far exceeded our expectations. Our baby had chronic ear infections for 6 months leading up to tubes. We did what we had to to survive. My husband and I created some bad sleep habits. She was waking 11 or more times a night and only sleeping 45 minutes during the day. Not only was she not getting the sleep she needed to develop properly, but mom and dad couldn’t get a babysitter and leave the house after bedtime. It was hard to even watch a movie together with the frequent wakings. Our initial sleep consult was so helpful in understanding a good sleeping environment right down to temperature, window treatments, and PJs. We got a sleep plan with instructions from there. Alyssa helped us along the way and was never far. After 2 days our daughter was sleeping 12 hours straight and taking 2 good naps. We are able to put her in her crib awake now and dad can do bedtime. If she wakes up she puts herself right back to sleep. It’s an amazing change and it has changed our life. Would do over again in a heartbeat and recommend 1000 times over.”
Megan – Grand Rapids, MI

“Alyssa was incredible and went above and beyond with helping our family. Before working with Alyssa I was nursing my son about every two hours, day and night. Which meant neither one of us was sleeping during the night. My little guy was also taking very short naps unless he was held. With Alyssa’s help my little guy is taking longer naps and sleeping through the night in his crib. I never would have been able to do this without Alyssa. For my four year old, Alyssa helped us gently get her to sleep in her own room. My husband and I have our evenings back to ourselves and nap time is now my time to relax. I am extremely grateful for Alyssa.”
Brooke – Holland, MI

“Alyssa was very helpful, professional and warm. She heard our concerns, reassured us and worked with our family’s needs, made a thorough plan for us and supported us nonstop for almost two full weeks as we implemented the plan.”
Jennifer – Grand Rapids, MI